Applications of photonics in interactive webinars with company presentations starts October 26th

Discover applications of photonics in interactive webinars!

Photonics Applications is a series of webinars which focus on practical applications of photonics from an industrial point of view. Key professionals from various companies give presentations regarding their businesses, technologies and applications in 30-minute online seminars, and participants can discuss the themes further in the following 15-minute Q&A sessions. You can join an individual  webinar event to hear about a company or an application of your interest or participate in the whole series.The webinars are hosted by Professor Jyrki Saarinen, and are completely free and open to everyone interested.

A total of 22 companies are invited, each from a distinct sub-field of photonics.Themes covered include imaging, laser applications, optical manufacturing, virtual reality and many more. 

The webinar series starts on Monday 26.10.2020 at 14:15, and two presentations are held three times per week as follows:
26.10.    14:15-15:00    Mathieu Marmion    Specim
28.10.    10:15-11:00    Jyrki Huttunen    Oplatek
               11:15-12:00    Jouni Halme    Ladimo
29.10.    12:15-13:00    Antti Sunnari    Dispelix
              13:15-14:00    Juha Röyhkiö    LEDiL
2.11.       14:15-15:00    Mikko Juhola    Huawei
              15:15-16:00    Toni Laurila    Sensmet      
4.11.       10:15-11:00    Juha Väyrynen    Karelia University of Applied Sciences
              11:15-12:00    Veli-Pekka Leppänen    Nanocomp      
5.11.       12:15-13:00    Antti-Pekka Elomaa    Kuopio University Hospital
              13:15-14:00    Klaus Melakari    Varjo
9.11.       14:15-15:00    Markku Mäntylä    Valmet
              15:15-16:00    Jussi-Pekka Penttinen    Vexlum
11.11.      10:15-11:00    Prince Bawuah    Cambridge University (UK)
             11:15-12:00    Mircea Guina    Picophotonics 
12.11.    12:15-13:00    Vadim Kiyko    Hypermemo
            13:15-14:00    Petri Piirainen    Softcolor Oy        
16.11.    14:15-15:00    Sami Sneck    Beneq 
            15:15-16:00    Petteri Uusimaa    Modulight  
18.11.    10:15-11:00    Jukka Perento    Inkron
            11:15-12:00    Tuomo Kauranne    Arbonaut      
19.11.    12:15-13:00    Timo Vuorenpää    Senop

The webinars will be held in English using video conferencing applications To access the webinar visit the Webinar series page.

Students of the PREIN partner univeristies can gain credits for participating in the webinars and by doing a final project. For more information contact professor Jyrki Saarinen ( 

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