Course on Fundamental Optical Design in March and April

Fundamental Optical Design (6 ECTS)

Please follow the information on the organising of the Optical Design course on the web page.

The course is Organised by the University of Eastern-Finland and it is a PREIN and Photonics Finland event.
The course takes place in Helsinki region between March 9- April 24, 2020 ​​​​​​​

Course description
The aim of the course is to teach the fundamentals of optical design, especially to provide theoretical foundations of geometrical optics combined with basic design examples. After this course you will have the required theoretical and practical skills to start optical design.  

Target group
Persons from companies and research institutes who want to start optical design or need to learn the fundamentals of optical design.

Course contents

1. Fundamentals of geometrical optics, plane waves, refraction and reflection, limits of ray optics
2. Lenses and mirrors, the paraxial approximation, ray tracing, aberrations 
3. Optical systems, matrix description, system quantities
4. Radiometry and photometry 
5. Optical materials and components
6. Optical equipment, optical measurements
7. Gaussian beams
8. Principles and tools of optical design 
9. Phases of implementation
10. Design exercises
11. Practical design examples

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