Photonics Education in the Future – webinar on Wednesday May 6th

Photonics Education in the Future – webinar on Wednesday May 6th

The PREIN partner University of Eastern Finland is arranging Photonics Education in the Future – webinar. The event is organised in collaboration with Business Joensuu, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Riveria vocational education institution.

The programme consists of a regional view in the morning and international aspect in the afternoon. From 9-11:45 the webinar will be in Finnish and focus on the Joensuu Photonics Education Path Project (JFK) which piloted a unique Photonics education pathway from secondary education to PhD level in 2018-2020.

The afternoon at 13-15:30 will focus on the internationalisation of photonics education in Finland. This part will be held in English and also feature world-class photonics programmes from the Netherlands, France, Germany and the US.

You can participate in the whole programme or select only the morning or afternoon according to your interest.

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Register for the webinar by Tuesday May 5th  at the latest by using this link.


Ohjelma Suomeksi

9.00 Tilaisuuden avaus 

9.05–9.20 Aluekehityksen ytimessä

9.20–10.15 Avaimet yhteistyössä, JFK-projektin kumppanit esittäytyvät

10:15-10:20 Tauko

10.20–11.30 Yrityksiä kuunnellen, case-esimerkit

11:30-11:45  Kohti fotoniikan koulutuksen valoisaa tulevaisuutta   - Jatkotoimenpiteet 

11.45–12.45 Lounastauko 

Programme in English

12:45–13.00   Photonics in Joensuu: Five Decades of Shining Light,

13:00–14.15  World-Class Knowledge in Photonics Education

14.15–15.00  Panel discussion, Global education in photonics

15.05–15.25 Future steps in international collaboration in Photonics education

15:25-15:30  Closing


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