PREIN on-line workshop Light Field Control October 9, 2020

16 Feb 2021, 11:55

PREIN Workshop Light Field Control

PREIN workshop on “Light Field Control” event will be organised October 9,  2020 at 10-16 in a hybrid form at the PREIN partners and online.

This workshop is the first in a series of topical events aimed at strengthening the collaboration between the PREIN Flagship collaboration partners. Ther event is intended for those doing research related to the topic in any of the PREIN partner organisations.

Contributions from areas such as listed below are welcome: 

  • Coherence and polarization properties of light
  • Tightly focused fields
  • Interaction of light with nanostructures and metamaterials
  • Nanostructured light sources
  • Epsilon-near-zero materials

Venues and format

Online connection between UEF, Aalto, TAU, VTT Espoo, and VTT Oulu.
The lecture halls/rooms at these organizations with online connection to other partners.
UEF: Aurora 100
TAU: TB103
VTT (Espoo): Brattain Room #2187 in MicroNova
Follow all the safety instructions (distance, hygiene, use of masks etc.) in your organisation.

The program will include two sessions dedicated to talks given primarily by PREIN post-docs. The traditional poster session is replaced with a slide-show session (see below). The slide presentations are running continuously in the lecture rooms of the event and the participants can join at will. Alternatively, the shows can be followed via personal laptops elsewhere. Questions can be presented by contacting the author(s) directly.

10:00-10:10   Opening, Jari Turunen and Jyrki Saarinen
10:10-11:30    4 oral presentations (15 min + 5 min questions)

11:30-12:10    Lunch break

12:10-13:30    4 oral presentations (15 min + 5 min questions)
13:30-14:00   Break 
14:00-16:00   Slide-show session    

Oral presentation topics in PREIN Workshop “Light Field Control”

Session 1:
Lassi Hällström (Aalto): “Modeling light-matter interaction in photoelectrochemical cells”
Subhajit Bej (TAU): “Controllable ultrafast epsilon-near-zero optical nonlinearity of conducting oxide meta-films”’

Vishal Vashistha (Aalto): “Design and fabrication of ultrathin nanophotonic devices based on metasurfaces”
Xiaorun Zang (UEF): “Collective resonances in plasmonic oligomers illuminated by focused vector beams”

Session 2:
Heikki Rekola (UEF): “Digital holographic microscopy for measuring surface shape changes”
Timo Aalto (VTT): “Polarization management and Faraday rotation in silicon photonics”
Matias Koivurova (TAU): “Metamaterials designed for enhanced ENZ properties”
Antti Lassila (VTT): “Measurement techniques for characterisation of diffractive optical elements”

Slide shows

An individual slide show (a substitute of poster) is a one-page summary of the main points of your work. Within a limited slide time and space it should indicate who are involved, what is done, how is done, what are the results or expected results, and why they are important. A template for the 1-page summaries is available here. These summaries may contain speech and are shown continuously in the lecture rooms with 1.5 min reserved for each. You can also prepare a supplement which is an additional separate set of slides (free layout and no page limit) containing more details. These can be downloaded prior to the Workshop from an address to be announced later. Please, send your presentation, both the 1-page summary (pptx format) and the supplement (pdf format), to the organizers by email ( on Thursday, Oct. 1, at the latest.

For more information on the topics, contact Professor Jari Turunen (


Registration form.
Please register again even if you did so in the Spring. There is no participation fee. Deadline for registration is Monday, October 5.

There is no participation fee.

Important dates
1.10. Deadline for slide presentations 
5.10. Registration deadline