From June 24 to 27, 2019 there will be seven individual conferences and more than 5000 experts from around the world gathering together for the LASER World of PHOTONICS Exhibition. Munich is awaiting an event of superlatives that will provide deep insights into the future of photonics.

There will be more than 1 300 exhibitors from around 45 countries in different thematic areas. The imaging and sensor area in particular is growing rapidly. The parallel conferences are:

  • SPIE conference “Optical Metrology”
  • SPIE conference “Digital Optical Technologies”
  • OSA conference “Imaging and Applied Optics”
  • European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and the European Quantum Electronics Conference” (CLEO®/Europe—EQEC)
  • European Optical Society (EOS) conference “Optical Technologies”
  • WLT “Lasers in Manufacturing” conference
  • European Conference on Biomedical Optics (ECBO)

In the industry sector, imaging and sensors are trailblazers for quality-assured, high quality, automated production processes in Industry 4.0. We are currently witnessing a strong boost from the automotive industry with electro-mobility and autonomous driving. Optical technologies are paving the way here. Autonomous driving requires camera, LIDAR and radar systems, numerous vehicle on-board sensors as well as data processing and communication systems. Lasers are also considered to be enablers in the production of high voltage batteries, electric motors or lightweight construction for electric vehicles. Many exhibitors are developing optical systems and components not for one application area alone but are also active in the aerospace industry, are at the cutting edge of progress in the semiconductor and electronics field, or are contributing to quality assurance in the food industry with new imaging techniques.

The Photonics and Innovation Flagship PREIN researchers are participating in the scientific conferences and presenting their latest research results, whereas the flagship outreach and technology transfer aspects are featured at a shared booth with PhotonicsFinland in the exhibition and fair area Hall B3 Booth 127.

Learn more about the fair on the LASER World of Photonics web page

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