Summer School on Optical Fibre Glasses in August 2022 by University of Eastern Finland

16 Feb 2021, 11:55

University of Eastern Finland Summer School on Glasses for Optical Fibres in August 2022


The University of Eastern Finland organizes the  Summer School on Glasses for optical fibres and other applications in Joensuu August 9-16, 2022. The Summer School is also part of the Year of Glass 2022.

The  Summer School consists of an introduction to solid-state materials and their properties; material compositions and manufacturing methods of glasses for various types of products (windows, high strength materials, vessels, glass cover of ceramic materials, glass cover of electronic components, optical fibers); how the recycled glasses are used and their benefits; coloured glasses; glass in optical fibres; coating materials of optical fibers, manufacturing method for optical fibres; communications optical fibres and fiber components and their optical and mechanical properties; history and problems solved in the communications fibres 1976-2020; characterization and measurement methods for fibers and fiber components; splicing methods and manufacturing of fiber components; specialty optical fibers, fiber lasers and amplifiers; examples of photonics glasses and materials. Examples of industrial careers for physicist are presented along with visits to industrial companies in fibre and glass production and photonics materials. The course involves lectures, short tasks, discussions and visits to two industrial companies. Participants of the summer school can earn 2 ECTS.

The teachers of the course are Docent Tarja Volotinen and Professor Laeticia Petit from Tampere University.

For more information and registration, see the Summer School web site:  

Course coordinator: Ezekiel Kuhoga,