About FinnLight

The FinnLight members have a long history of photonics research with complementary skills and expertise ranging from the design and fabrication of nanomaterials and optical components to the development of advanced light sources with tailored properties, up to system integration, instrumentation development and transfer of scientific results towards commercialization. The FinnLight infrastructure is multi-disciplinary at the interface between physics, materials, quantum technology and energy devices, which will benefit to the large collaboration networks of FinnLight partners as well as to numerous national and EU users in different fields. The FinnLight platform will be fully accessible to external users, contributing not only to high-impact and cutting-edge science but also serving industrial actors.


FinnLight provides a comprehensive combination of technologies covering all classes of photonics materials:

  • Organic semiconductors
  • III-V optoelectronics heterostructures based on complementary GaAs
  • InP alloys
  • GaSb alloys
  • Glasses
  • Silicon photonics luminescent organometallic materials
  • Graphene and 2D materials
  • Full-scale process lines for device fabrication and assembly

The overall rationale of FinnLight is to establish a national infrastructure platform covering the whole innovation value chain from the development of materials and structures with specific optics properties, to the fabrication of fully functional photonic devices and components, and up to systems integration and instruments.

Particular applications fields include industrial process control, pharmaceutical analysis, health care, environmental monitoring, safety and security. The infrastructure will enable the development of new materials, advanced light sources, optical and integrated components for sensors and LIDAR applications, quantum technologies, photovoltaic technologies, AR/VR, and communications.