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Recording from Suomi Areena panel discussion (in Finnish)
14 Jul 2022, 09:43
At Suomi Areena event 2022 we arranged a panel discussion on photonics at healthcare, especially in cancer treatments. Recording available!
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PREIN Success Video: Education in Photonics - Photonics Explorer Kit
16 May 2022, 11:19
Besides top-notch research, the PREIN Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation actively participates in outreach activities directed at children
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Video on Photovoltaic research - PREIN Success Story
9 May 2022, 11:10
Photovoltaic research focuses in solar cell development to improve solar energy production, recovery, storage, and transfer. Photovoltaics is one of the spearheads in the PREIN Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation.
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2 May 2022, 11:01
The aim of PREIN Photonics Research and Innovation Flagship is to support national industry and develop the ecosystem. Finnish companies using photonics applications employ as many as 35,000 people.
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The PREIN Annual Report 2021 is published 
2 May 2022, 10:50
PREIN Flagship's Annual Report of 2021 is published.
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