16 Feb 2021, 11:55
Recording from Suomi Areena panel discussion (in Finnish)
14 Jul 2022, 09:43
At Suomi Areena event 2022 we arranged a panel discussion on photonics at healthcare, especially in cancer treatments. Recording available!
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PREIN Success Video: Education in Photonics - Photonics Explorer Kit
16 May 2022, 11:19
Besides top-notch research, the PREIN Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation actively participates in outreach activities directed at children
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Video on Photovoltaic research - PREIN Success Story
9 May 2022, 11:10
Photovoltaic research focuses in solar cell development to improve solar energy production, recovery, storage, and transfer. Photovoltaics is one of the spearheads in the PREIN Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation.
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2 May 2022, 11:01
The aim of PREIN Photonics Research and Innovation Flagship is to support national industry and develop the ecosystem. Finnish companies using photonics applications employ as many as 35,000 people.
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The PREIN Annual Report 2021 is published 
2 May 2022, 10:50
PREIN Flagship's Annual Report of 2021 is published.
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Best Photonics Doctoral Dissertation 2021 Application Open
4 Apr 2022, 19:47
Photonics Finland will award the prize for the best Photonics Doctoral Dissertation completed in 2021 in a Finnish University.
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The Finnish Photonics Survey 2022 is open
4 Apr 2022, 17:22
Have you already replied to Photonics National Survey of 2022?
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International Day of Light events in May 2022
18 Mar 2022, 12:41
To celebrate the International Day of Light taking place every year on May 16, PREIN arranges several events locally and on-line.
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PREIN awards prizes to the best light-themed projects in the StarT competition
21 Feb 2022, 12:21
The Flagship for Photonics research and Innovation PREIN and LUMA Center Finland co-operate in the StarT competition in 2022. PREIN sponsors prizes for the best light-themed projects.
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Professor Arri Priimägi receives ERC Proof of Concept grant to develop dynamic and light-responsive cell culture platforms
18 Feb 2022, 10:44
Arri Priimägi, a professor of chemistry at Tampere University, has received a competitive Proof of Concept grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for his L-Cell research project that develops dynamic, light-responsive cell culture platforms for biomedical applications.
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Polina Kuzhir appointed as Professor of Nanomaterials 
17 Feb 2022, 16:09
Polina Kuzhir appointed as Professor of Nanomaterials 
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The Photonics for - events continue in 2022
17 Feb 2022, 10:25
PREIN and photonics Finland organise thematic events and webinars on different photonics related themes.
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PREIN receives Academy of Finland funding for second Flagship term
12 Jan 2022, 10:48
The Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation PREIN along with five other Flagships from the first round received decisions on their second term funding in January 2022.
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Professori Jyrki Saarinen nominated as Optica Fellow 2022
12 Jan 2022, 10:41
The international optics and photonics foundation Optica nominated internationally recognised photonics scientists and experts as Fellows
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Suomen Akatemian lippulaivojen esite on uudistunut
3 Jan 2022, 13:39
Suomen Akatemian lippulaivaohjelman esite on päivitetty ja siinä on nyt mukana myös uusimmat kolmannessa haussa valitut lippulaivat
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City of Tampere dissertation award to Fotonics
7 Sept 2021, 10:09
The award was given Dr. Timo Aho's dissertation on solar cells
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Optics and Photonics Days Postponed to December 2021
29 Apr 2021, 10:31
The Annual PREIN meeting and a meeting for photonics students is planned adjacent to the Optics and Photonics Days will be held in December 1-3, 2021 in Turku
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SuomiAreenan Valoa huomiseen -paneelikeskustelu katsottavissa
26 Aug 2021, 00:29
Suurelle yleisölle suunnattu PREINin ja Photonics Finlandin järjestämä keskustelutilaisuus fotoniikan mahdollisuuksista
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PREIN Events in 2021
16 Feb 2021, 11:55
The events for Spring 2021 have been updated.
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Photonics Center - Collaboration Business and Research website published
26 Feb 2021, 11:54
The new Photonics Center to be opened in Joensuu launched its web site.
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Job Board for Photonics Launched
23 Feb 2021, 18:37
Photonics Finland and PREIN are collecting all photonics related jobs in Finland in one place
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Artificial intelligence predicts nonlinear ultrafast dynamics in optics
23 Feb 2021, 10:35
Research breakthrough in artificial intelligence and optics published in Nature Machine Intelligence 
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Photonics in Finland Brochure is out
22 Dec 2020, 21:29
Photonics Finland, PREIN and Finnish Photonics companies have produced a on-line brochure
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The application time for international master’s degrees in Photonics in PREIN partners is open
17 Dec 2020, 09:33
Now is the time to apply for master’s programs in photonics. 
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Photonics selected on the National Research Infrastructures Roadmap 
16 Dec 2020, 19:18
FinnLight and OtaNano selected on the Academy of Finland the Roadmap of National Research Infrastructures 
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Funding for two photonics infrastructures from the Academy of Finland
4 Dec 2020, 15:02
The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee at the Academy of Finland  granted a total of 20 million euros for research infrastructures as part of the ‘FIRI: research infrastructures as collaborative platforms’ call.
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PREIN projects receive Business Finland R2B funding
30 Nov 2020, 16:16
Two PREIN related projects at Tampere University were funded in the autumn call.
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Academy funding for Ultrafast Data Production with Broadband Photodetectors for Active Hyperspectral Space Imaging
18 Nov 2020, 10:46
The research project lead by professor Zhipei Sun in Aalto University received funding from Academy of Finland
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Photonics Digital Innovation Hub secures €19 million to boost SME growth and ensure Europe’s global competitiveness
9 Nov 2020, 12:16
Photonics Finland and VTT are partners in PhotonHub Europe that has been awarded €19 million investment from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.
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PREIN Annual Report 2019 is available
27 Oct 2020, 14:21
The Flagship produces a report each year to present the year in a nutshell to both internal and external stakeholders.
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