Job Board for Photonics Launched

21 Nov 2022, 11:22
16 Feb 2021, 11:55

Job Board for Photonics Launched

Photonics Finland and PREIN have together launched a new Job Board for Photonics to help companies and job seekers find each other. The aim is to provide the service to photonics companies, other companies looking for photonics experts, research centers and universities and all job seekers, including international graduates, students, and other experts.

Companies can utilize the platform to find highly-skilled applicants and promote their photonics positions to a tailored target audience. In addition, photonics related positions in universities and research centers are also collected on the job board. Master and doctoral graduates can look for interesting job opportunities in Finnish companies. The Job Board also includes summer jobs, internship positions and master’s thesis positions.

  • For students and job seekers globally Photonics jobs in Finland offers a search function to find a great variety of Finnish photonics companies and jobs whether you are living in Finland or abroad. 
  • For Finnish photonics companies Photonics jobs offers an easy way to offer jobs in one national platform which greatly supports the possibility to find a new talent for your company, but also to modify and to manage your offerings now and in the future through same platform.

Photonics Job Board

Photonics Job Board.JPG


The platform is maintained by the official Photonics Finland cluster. Photonics Finland is the national photonics platform that develops new business and research opportunities, and helps realize the full potential of the photonics industry in Finland.