PREIN Events in 2021

28 Mar 2023, 11:16
21 Nov 2022, 11:22

PREIN Events in 2021

There are several events and activites planned for 2021 for different traget groups ranging from children to researchers and industry representatives. In the spring the events will be mostly organised on-line. More detailed information on the events will be updated regularly on the web page.

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PREIN Workshops

The workshop series launched in 2020 to increase research collaboration between PREIN partners will continue in 2021 with two workshops planned for the Spring. The events will be organized as webinars.

Information on the Workshop programme is updated on the event web page. 

Innovation Tour in PREIN partners
The aim is to organize a series of innovation events at each PREIN partners institution for researchers to give them an overview of the innovation process at Finnish Universities. The first event was organized in the University of eastern Finland and the second one will take place in Tampere University. The events will be targeted at each partner organization, University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University, Aalto and VTT.

Photonics webinars

Photonics for All webinar on Optical Design April 14, 2021
On April 14, 2021 there will be a webinar focused on optics in Finland. Themes include 3D printed optics, fiber optics, optic films, precision manufacturing, glass welding. Read more about the event and register by April 13.  A series of Photonics for all webinars on different themes is planned and the next event will be on Photonics and Optoelectronics. 

Photonics for - thematic webinars 

Photonics for webinar series together with Photonics Finland will continue in 2021. 

Other planned themes include: 

  • Forest and Photonics in November 
  • Funding for Photonics in December
  • ​​​​Photonics for Medical
  • Photonics for Healthcare
  • Photonics for Mining
  • Photonics for XR
  • Photonics for Sensing
  • Photonics for Agri-food
  • Photonics for Maritime

LinkedIn trainings

Two events on Photonics and recruitment are organised together with Photonics Finland. The fisrt event is targetted at HR people in photonics companies. The otehr event is aimed at students and graduates looking for open positions. 

PREIN meetings

The regular PREIN meetings will continue as on-line meetings in the Spring. With the  meeting times are agreed as follows:

  • Steering Committee meeting January 15
  • Management Group meeting February 9
  • Steering Committee meeting February 22
  • Management Group meeting April 7
  • Board of Stakeholders meeting in May 

Outreach and Other events

On 10-12th May there will be on-line workshops organised at children and schools to celebrate the International Day of Light. The programme is organised in collaboration with LUMA UEF, Aalto Junior, Juniversity.

On 14th May the winners of Valon mahdollisuudet competition will be announced.  The competition aimed at upper comprehensive schools and high schools is open January 7- April 31, 2021.