PREIN projects receive Business Finland R2B funding

16 Feb 2021, 11:55

PREIN projects receive Business Finland R2B funding

Two PREIN related  projects received Business Finland R2B funding in the autumn 2020 funding decision. The projects are Optosense and WINSe. There were altogether 74 applications for the10 million of budgeted funding. Research to Business funding is intended for researchers and research groups in universities and other research organisations who want to build new business based on their research and commercialise their idea. The project must have several commercialisation options – the entity who commercializes the idea cannot be known at the start or during the project. The actual product and business development occurs after the project either within a new company being established, or as a new business activity in an existing company.

Optosense – Optical Humidity Sensing 
The project lead by Arri Priimägi and Matti Virkki received funding for developing a remote-operated optical humidity sensor. Precise control over humidity levels is crucial in various industrial processes in chemical engineering, fabrication of pharmaceuticals and semiconductor devices. The project aims to develop a high-quality, accurate and reliable remote-operated humidity sensor which works in difficult conditions such as those with large electromagnetic interference, high-voltage electricity, or explosive atmosphere. The all-optical detector can measure relative humidity and temperature, utilizing photoswitchable azobenzene compounds. The project has previously been granted European Research Council (ERC Proof of Concept) funding.
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WINSe – Optical Energy Transfer by the research group comprising of Arto Aho, Ville Polojärvi and Mircea Guinea. A more detailed description will be available soon.

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