Video on Photovoltaic research - PREIN Success Story

28 Mar 2023, 11:16
21 Nov 2022, 11:22

Success story video on Photovoltaics Research

We need to find sustainable, renewable and ecological ways of producing energy.

Photovoltaic research focuses in solar cell development to improve solar energy production, recovery, storage, and transfer. Photovoltaics is one of the spearheads in the PREIN Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation.

Main photovoltaics research themes in the PREIN Flagship research include hybrid solar cells, high-efficiency solar cells, and photocatalysis approach, high-efficiency and u-optics for low-cost concentration photovoltaics (CPV).

PREIN Photonics Research and Innovation Flagship brings true-added value: allowing to solve complex research questions.


Partnering Tampere University, Aalto University in Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, Photonics Finland, VTT.