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Aalto University granted seed funding for ten innovative and collaborative photonics research proposals

The Aalto University seed funding is granted for new scientific, technological or business ideas that explore photonic technologies and is part of the Aalto University’s matching funding for the Academy of Finland’s Photonics Research and Innovation flagship. In July 2020, funding was granted to ten PhD students from different departments in Aalto and their collaborators for six months (1.7.2020-31.12.2020). This will  increase the impact of PREIN Flagship in the Aalto community and stimulate cooperation with the partner organisations.

Funding was granted for ten doctoral training projects in Photonics research (supervisors):

  • Single molecules coupled to nanocube plasmonic antennas: Prof. Anton Kuzyk
  • Super-stretchable organic solar cells for wearable applications: Prof. Jaana Vapaavuori
  • Broadband IR/THz Spectroscopy: Prof. Erkki Ikonen
  • Hybrid light-conversion thin films for photovoltaic applications: Prof. Maarit Karppinen
  • Thin nanotube film of single-walled carbon nanotube for novel optoelectronic devices: Prof. Tanja Kallio
  • Semiconductor nanowire photonics: Prof. Harri Lipsanen
  • High-K dielectrics for organic light emitting transistors: Prof. Caterina Soldano
  • Manipulation of charge carrier lifetime in titania nanotube arrays blackened with a two anode reduction technique and application in solar energy harvesting (TnSolar): Prof. Yongdan Li
  • Topological nanoplasmonics: Prof. Päivi Törmä
  • Selective area growth for diffusion-driven light emitting devices: Prof. Markku Sopanen

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