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Changes in the PREIN spring and summer 2020 events due to the corona virus 

The PREIN events for the spring are postponed, held on-line or cancelled due to coronavirus epidemic and regulations affecting the arranging of events. PREIN will follow the situation closely and informs about the changes in PREIN events. For the time being the PREIN events planned for spring 2020 have been changed.

Spring and summer 2020 events cancelled or postponed 

  • PREIN workshop on Light Control in Joensuu which was planned for 25th March will be postponed to autumn 2020. The exact dates will be informed when they have been decided. The information will be available on the PREIN web site. 
  • Photonics for Metrology event in Espoo planned for 26th March is postponed to a better time. Follow the information on the event on the event web site. 
  • PREIN International Day of Light events targeted at children and families on May 15th and 16th in Tampere, Espoo, Joensuu and Oulu have been cancelled. PREIN members will discuss the possibility to arrange some on-line events and produce material that can be posted in social media. 
  • Optics and Photonics Days 25th- 27th May and the PREIN annual meeting in Turku are postponed. Photonics Finland will inform about the new date and venue of OPD2020 as soon as possible (before April 15th 2020). The information will be posted on the Photonics Finland web site.
  • Millenium Prize and Millenium Innovation Forum events scheduled for 26-27 May in Aalto will not be arranged in Spring 2020. The organisers are exploring different scenarios concerning the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize celebrations and the Millennium Innovation Forum. Updated information will be available shortly on the web page. Similarly, the Prototypes of the Future- exhibition 25.5.-22.6. will not be arranged this year. The exhibition will be arranged in 2021.
  • Suomi Areena on 13th - 17th July 2020 is cancelled for this year. We hope to be able to participate next year in teh Suomi Areena 2021. Information on the cancellation on organiser’s web page (in Finnish). 
  • The 31st Joensuu Summer School on Optics 2020: Hyperspectral Imaging planned for August 10-23 is cancelled. Read more on the summer school web site.

PREIN meetings held on-line

Generally, the PREIN meetings, such as the Management Group meeting, Steering Committee meeting and so on will be held on the planned days, but the meetings will be arranged on-line. 

  • Management Group meeting will be held on April 8th as an on-line meeting. The participants have received an updated calendar invitation.
  • Steering Committee meeting planned for 25th May will be arranged as an on-line meeting. Calendar invitations will be sent to participants.

Summer 2020 events being planned while monitoring the situation

For the time being, the following events taking place in June and later are still being planned. More detailed information on arranging the events will be available later in the spring. PREIN will follow the situation on the organisers’ web pages.

  • The information on the International Workshop on Nanocarbon Photonics and Optoelectronics in 26th– 31st July organised by the University of Eastern Finland in Polvijärvi will be updated on the workshop web page

For updated information follow the PREIN and the event web sites. Information will also be posted in Twitter and in the PREIN newsletter and the PREIN e-mail list.