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Doctoral receacher in Photonics Markus Hiekkamäki to receive Young Physicist 2019 Prize

Master of Science Markus Hiekkamäki received the Physicist prize for his Master’s Thesis Unitary transformations of spatial modes for quantum experiments completed at Tampere University in November 2019.

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The thesis introduces a method for generating unitary transformations. The method is based on multi-plane light conversion (MPLC), where the spatial structure of light is transformed through multiple consecutive transverse-phase modulations. The method used for generating these task specific phase-modulations is called wavefront matching (WFM). Some of the research results have already been published in Optica and Optic Express.

Hiekkamäki is currently working in the PREIN flagship in Experimental Quantum Optics group lead by Dr. Robert Fickler. He will continue research on high-dimensional quantum-states and single photons in his doctoral thesis research.

The Young Physicist Prize winners were announced on March 18th 2020. The board decided to share the prize between Mathias Fontell (Aalto University) and Markus Hiekkamäki (Tampere University). Honourable mentions were given to Toni Mäkelä (Aalto University) and Matti Molkkari (Tampere University).

Read the Master’s thesis: Hiekkamäki, Markus (2019) Unitary transformations of spatial modes for quantum experiments
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