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Great results in development of the Photonics Industry in Finland 

The Finnish high-tech field is booming despite global upheavals. The published results of the Photonics Finland Industry survey show an increase of 40 % in photonics companies’ revenues in the last four years, equaling to a 12 % annual increase since 2016. This year, the turnover of companies will rise to 1.2 billion euros, most of which will come from exports.

The number of companies in the sector has increased. In 2016, there were about 200 companies in photonics or related fields. Currently, there are 260 companies that utilise photonics and they employ about 4,200 people. Most of the companies operate in industrial applications and health technology, which together account for almost 40 percent of the industry’s revenue this year. The next largest sectors utilising photonics are optical equipment and systems production and ICT.

The growth prospects of the Finnish photonics industry for the next three years are promising, and the industry's turnover is estimated to double. The companies forecast a turnover growth of 38% per year. In the next few years, efforts need to be focused on acquiring foreign and domestic partners as well as a skilled workforce. In addition, companies have a need to increase investment in market and technology research to accumulate new knowledge.

As a result of the expansive growth, the industry needs hundreds of new experts. Recruitments will be made both domestically and abroad. There is a great need for diverse education and training in the field.  University education on master and doctoral levels has been increased in the recent years with University of Eastern Finland and Tampere University being the biggest degree education providers in photonics.  There is demand for expanding education to the secondary level as well as in universities of applied sciences. 

Research in the field of photonics is led by the Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation, which comprises of Tampere University, University of Eastern Finland, Aalto University, and VTT. The Flagship has gained visibility already during its first year of activities, and 68 % of the respondents have a positive view on its activities whereas, 20 % are not yet aware of the activities. Finnish photonics companies see joint event organisation, joint research and media promotion as the most important functions of PREIN. Photonics companies are hoping for more collaborative projects with research institutes and possibilities for the utilisation of infrastructure in universities.

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