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International Day of Light 2020 activities carried out on-line

In the Photonics Flagship we want to celebrate the International Day of Light, May 16th. Follow us, our partners and researcher and join the activities on-line.

In 2017 UNESCO proclaimed May 16th as the International Day of Light to celebrate annually the central role of light in the lives of the citizens of the world. The International Day of Light promotes the key messages of how light science and technology can help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and how light art and culture can enrich society. Read more about the International Day of Light.

During the week before the International Day of Light, PREIN, its partner organisations and researchers will be sharing videos, information and pictures on light and photonics. The main focus will be on our outreach activities.
Mainly, the PREIN flagship wants to increase general awareness on photonics by publishing general information about photonics. The actions include a Finnish Photonics Brochure and an animated video on photonics released by the PREIN partner VTT.

Our outreach collaborator the Children’s University “Juniversity” at Tampere University will publish a video related to light and photonics on the Juniversity You Tube channel.

Together with Photonics Finland and the University of Eastern Finland LUMA-center, PREIN launches the Photonics Explorer campaign. The campaign aims to provide more Photonics Explorer Kits in Finnish schools and a wider geographical coverage nationally. We encourage companies to donate a Kit to their local school and offer schools the opportunity to enrich their physics teaching with a hands-on kit for exploring optics and photonics. Read more about the Photonics Explorer campaign.  

The perspective of industry collaboration is also important, and we are happy to publish the PhotonicsFinland industry research questionnaire results this week as well. We anticipate significant growth in the sector. More detailed information on the photonics industry in Finland will be revealed on Friday.