16 Feb 2021, 11:55

International Day of Light events in May 2022

To celebrate the International Day of Light taking place every year on May 16, PREIN and photonics actors world-wide arrange several events locally and on-line.

The International Day of Light officially declared by Unesco, has been celebrated since 2018. According to the International coordinators of the International Day of Light, the events have reached an audience of more than 2 million with face-to-face activities, social media posts, video messages and other campaigns carried out nationally and worldwide. PREIN , its partner organisations and collaborators together have participated in the International Day of Light activities from 2019 and have aimed to establish it as an annual event in Finland from their part.  

In 2022, PREIN is involved in the International Day of Light Steering Committee, as the director of PREIN, Professor Goëry Genty from Tampere University is one of the members.

The International Day of Light events organized by PREIN in 2022 are currently being planned and information on them will be updated during the spring.

Week of Light - Outreach activities for Children and young people

The Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation (PREIN) together with the science education organisations in the partner universities organize outreach event to children and young people. The Week of Light [Valon viikko] was organized the first time in 2021 and took place on-line. In 2022 the event will be on May 16-19 and organized mostly on-line. The different workshops are targeted to different age groups. In addition, material for individual light-related activities are also collected on the PREIN web page.

Webinar in the Photonics for – series event on International Day of Light

The webinar titled Photonics Starts from Design  will be organized on the International Day of Light May 16, 2022. The invited expert speakers discuss the research and development process of photonics projects.

All the International Day of Light global events can be found on the International Day of Light web site