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New start-up Plasmonics Oy designs novel nanoparticles to fight pandemic

A new photonics startup from Tampere University Plasmonics Oy designs and manufacture plasmonic nanoparticles which can be used in various photocatalytic applications like future energy solutions and novel antimicrobial coatings.

Plasmonics secured a 150 000 EUR seed investment from Nanoksi Finland Oy, the leading company in Finland offering photocatalytic coatings. With this investment Plasmonics will set up a private lab for upscaling production for plasmonic nanoparticles which can be used to create new self-disinfecting coating solutions to fight current and future pandemics.

The Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation aims to increase the number of inventions, patents and start-ups. In addition, attracting investements form companies to photonics research and commercialisation is part of the flagship's impact.


More information about Plasmonics Oy

Pasi Keinänen, CEO, pasi.keinanen@plasmonics.fi, +358404404355