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Photonics is part of the super week for girls in technology in Aalto and on-line

The first week of October is a super week for girls with several events events, Shaking up Tech, Millenium Youth Prize and Girls Takeover, targetted at them.  The aim is to encourage young girls and women to study technical fields and pursue carreers in technology. The Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation wants to increase gender equality in photonics research and industry and therefore PREIN is involved in these events.

Professor Hele Savin, who studies photovoltaics, solar energy and solar panels at Aalto University is a great role model for young girls and one of the speakers in the Shaking up Tech -event organised on Thursday October 8. This year the Shaking up Tech -event will be organised fully on-line and it is open for anyone interested. You can watch Hele Savin’s and the other presentations on the Shaking up Tech event channel live. The presentations will also be available as recordings on the following week.

On the same day, October 8, there is also the "Girls take over" event in Aalto where Savin is one of the staff members hosting the high school students that "take over" the management of the University. 

On October 9 the Millennium Youth Prize winner will be announced. The competition final and Award ceremony will be on-line and open to public.

The events of the week are related to the aims of the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11.

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Watch the Shaking up Tech 2020 event on Youtube. Hele Savin's speech is in part 3.