16 Feb 2021, 11:55

PREIN awards prizes to the best light-themed projects in the StarT competition

StarT competition sponsors distribute incentive prizes related to various topics. PREIN awards prizes to light-based competition entries and has created light-related challenges for the competition. PREIN also participates in the judging of light-themed project works.

PREIN also donates a photonics teaching package, the Photonics Explorer Kit, as a prize for best teaching practice in topics related to light.

The cooperation of the PREIN flagship with LUMA StarT enables a wider national visibility of light as a competition theme, and the LUMA StarT concept also offers the best projects the opportunity to enter the international StarT competition.

Registration for the 2022 StarT competition is open until March 13, 2022 on the StarT competition website

Read more about PREIN-sponsored light related challenges in StarT


StarT LUMA.png