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PREIN events in autumn 2020

New updates to the autumn 2020 events!

Updated timeline 2020.JPG

Many events planned for the spring were postponed or cancelled due to the COVID19-pandemic. We are curently updating our plans for the autumn 2020 taking into account the still persisting epidemic and precautions related to it. We are planning events both on-line and face-to face. The information on the events will be updated during the autumn.





  • Forest & Photonics 2020 webinar on December 1st . More detailed information will be available later
  • The PREIN Scientific Advisory Board meeting has been agreed for December 9th. The meeting will be arranged in Tampere or on-line depeding on the travel restrictions at the time.

In addition, we will continue regular meetings with the PREIN Management Group, Steering Group and the communications and outreach experts. The meetings will be mostly on-line.