16 Feb 2021, 11:55

Professori Jyrki Saarinen nominated as Optica fellow 2022

Optica (former OSA) has nominated the 2022 Fellows. The Optica fellows have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics through distinguished contributions to education, research, engineering, business and society.The Society has announced the new Fellow Members for 2022. The distinction was awarded to 106 members, from 24 countries, for their significant contributions to the advancement of optics and photonics through education, research, engineering, business leadership and service.

The vice-director of PREIN, Professor Jyrki Saarinen from the Institute of Photonics, University of Eastern Finland is one of the new Fellows. He was named for technical innovation and leadership in entrepreneurship, commercialization, and strategic developments in photonics businesses.

saarinen jyrki 120419 JR.jpg

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