Advanced laser sources

PREIN develops lasers with unique properties and lasers tailored for specific applications:

Mid-infrared laser sources

Lasers in the mid-IR spectral region have great potential for non-contact and non-destructive detection of materials and for medical diagnostics. However, the availability of mid-IR broadband light sources is facing major challenges compared to visible and near-IR regions. We aim to respond to this by developing novel technologies for: 

  • Si-integrated GaSb superluminescent diodes (SLD) emitting light in the 3-3.4 μm band 
  • Compact, all-fiber, high-power supercontinuum (SC) sources for the 2-10 μm range

Visible laser sources

Semiconductor lasers are most versatile in terms of wavelength coverage, compactness, and flexibility. However, their power is limited by the small gain volume and geometry. Specific wavelengths regions such as UV and yellow-orange are also not yet covered. Our goal is to expand the spectral coverage of high-power semiconductor lasers by: 

  • developing frequency-doubled laser-diode master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) systems with W-level power operating at 577 nm (yellow-region) 
  • implementing a new VECSEL technology platform in the 600-750 nm range based on membrane gain chips that reduces the complexity in fabricating the gain structures

High-energy pulsed sources for eye-safe wavelengths

There is increasing demand in remote sensing for light sources delivering high-energy pulses in the eye-safe wavelength-range around 1.5 μm, with durations from nanoseconds to picoseconds depending on application. Using our expertise on multi-junction heterostructures and MOPA tapered diodes, we aim to: 

  • demonstrate sub-100 ps gain switched laser diodes with 50-100 W peak power 
  • develop integrated picosecond mode-locked sources using SiPh platform