Applied Research

Our joint expertise and research is expected to lead to significant breakthroughs in several sectors. In life sciences we seek advances in diagnostics and treatments via the development of portable and disposable sensors. In energy we will be developing both energy efficient and energy saving technologies such as smart photovoltaic modules. In environmental/industrial monitoring our targets are in LIDAR technologies.

ICT, augmented and virtual realities, as well as quantum technologies can benefit also from our research.

Portable and disposable sensors

There is a large potential market for low-cost sensors. We combine our expertise on

  • photoacoustic spectroscopy
  • nanophotonic polymer slot waveguides
  • ultrahigh sensitivity graphene plasmon enhanced molecular fingerprint sensor
  • high-volume manufacturing of silicone-based microfluidics

Our ambition is to produce ultra-sensitive portable analysers and (bio)chemical sensors: 

  • Combining the developed mid-IR sources with an FTIR interferometer and cantilever-enhanced photoacoustic cell, enabling a portable and robust multicomponent gas analyser with high sensitivity and selectivity in the molecular fingerprint region 
  • Demonstrating low-cost disposable integrated opto-fluidic sensors based on evanescent waves and surface-enhanced Raman sensing, including microfluidic sample handling and optically controlled molecular reactions and read-out 

LIDAR technologies

There are currently two major challenges for the deployment of LIDARs:

  1. Component and system level solutions enabling high performances
  2. Cost-effective component technologies with high-volume manufacturing scalability

We plan to solve these challenges to generate new markets in environmental sensing and intelligent machines. The key is to join our know-how on on-chip wavelength and phase-tuning methods without scanning mirrors (TUT), integrated solutions and optics for VR manufacturing, Novel components (optics, filters, detectors, and light-sources) with high-volume manufacturing capability 

  • Cost-efficient and mass-producible LIDARs for autonomous vehicles and VR applications 

Smart photovoltaic modules

Photovoltaic energy production is reaching out to a wide range of new applications where higher efficiency, light-weight, and flexible substrates are often required. We unite our state-of-the-art expertise on high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells, world-record energy conversion in nanostructured solar cells, advanced diffractive optics, and flexible organic electronics platform. This way we aim to demonstrate smart photovoltaic modules.

  • Wafer-scale substrate-release methods for high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells 
  • Design and development of diffractive optics for specialized applications in photovoltaics 
  • Development of solar-cell encapsulation methods on flexible substrates 
  • Development of thermophotonic cooling devices based on integrated LED and PV modules