Technology Transfer

Technology transfer

The flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation has set the target to develop and transfer the research results of the thematic research topics  to industry. Research results are carefully evaluated to identify those with most potential to move through the commercialization funnel and to become transferred to existing companies or new start-ups. The interaction between the research themes and the overlap of the scientific fundamental research with applied research, allowing the interaction between science and applications to be maximized. Development and transfer is also closely linked to the applications, providing appropriate feedback mechanisms for joint work as well as smooth and well controlled innovation transfer to industry. Besides its role in economic growth, PREIN has important societal impacts, influencing new products and services. PREIN aims to increase in the number of invention disclosures, patent applications, granted patents and successful technology transfer to existing companies and start-ups, as well as to increase in the number of scientific breakthroughs moved towards technology and product development. These have also been defined as some of the key performance indicators of the flagship.

In the commercialization funnel towards industry, the initiative can come from researchers through scientific discoveries which show potential for commercialization often happening when the research results impact global challenges or other major trends. The initiative can also come from industry with PREIN facilitating the work by offering R&D services and access to facilities. 

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The objectives of technology transfer are to:

  • increase the number of basic research results moved to the innovation pipeline 
  • increase the number of invention disclosures and patents to protect the IPR generated 
  • increase the number of start-ups and accelerate their growth to profitable SME’s 
  • facilitate innovation transfer to both SME’s and large corporations 
  • inform industry about the opportunities that photonics can provide to their challenges
  • provide testbeds, mentoring, and prototypes for industry