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Go into the details of future-shaping and globally significant technologies.

The technologies covered in the Master's Programme in Electronics and Nanotechnology are prevalent already today, and will be even more so in the future. The programme equips engineering students with all the necessary knowledge and tools to explore new worlds and solve practical problems to shape society for the better. Photonics and Nanotechnology is one of the majors students can choose in the Master's programme.



Master’s Programme in Electronics and Nanotechnology 

Aalto University offers the Photonics and Nanotechnology major as one of the specializations in the Master’s Programme in Electronics and Nanotechnology. The main goal of this major is to give the student sufficient theoretical and practical skills in physics, electromagnetic radiation, modeling, optics, and in materials-related topics to master the general physical phenomena that can be applied from nano-sciences up to space physics.

Micro- and Nanotechnology focuses on operational principles and fabrication techniques of devices, e.g., LEDs, diode lasers, solar cells and nano-electronic devices, whereas, photonics focuses on production, guiding, modulation and detection of light. Students study the principles of physics governing the properties and interaction of light and matter. However, the focus is always on applying these theories to fabricating practical hardware devices.

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