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Expertise, Capabilities and Facilities for Photonics Research

PREIN is a Photonics Research and Innovation platform focusing on light-based solutions from scientific excellence to industrial and societal impact. PREIN partners are worldwide leaders in photonics that changes the world.

Economic impact and industrial collaboration are increased mainly through a tight collaboration with Photonics Finland as PREIN and Photonics Finland continue to increase and tighten their cooperation.

Additionally, FinnLight – Finnish Research Infrastructure on Light-Based Technologies – provides a comprehensive combination of technologies covering all classes of photonics materials as well as full-scale process lines for device fabrication and assembly.

Our expertise

Our different partners have a long experience in

  • Electromagnetic field control incl. coherence and polarization
  • Modeling, design, analysis, and development of optical systems, structures with nano- and micro-scale features, silicon waveguides and heterogeneous integration techniques, highly stable laser sources and laser diodes, solar cells, tailored light sources for sensing and imaging
  • Instrumentation for measuring moisture, analyzing chemical composition, characterizing the thickness and uniformity of materials, spectral imaging
PREIN for Industry.

Our capabilities

We develop the knowledge generated by the Flagship partners for a wide range of potential applications. Example of unique know-how incl. but are not limited to portable and disposable sensors, broadband light sources, LIDAR technologies, smart photovoltaic modules. We also have a wide range of instruments and services that we can offer for industrial collaborations:

  • silicon processing
  • active and passive polymer photonic devices that can be produced by high volume production methods for energy harvesting and sensor applications
  • prototyping for illuminating, imaging and sensing optics
  • volume production methods
  • molecular beam epitaxy for optoelectronics devices processing
  • 3D printing of centimeter-scale optics

We can also develop tailored solutions to specific problems.

Our facilities

  • FinnLight photonics infrastructure
  • Centre for Metrology and Accreditations (MIKES) 
  • Micronova clean room for wafer processing 
  • PrintoCent for printed photonics
  • MicroModule Centre for photonics packaging
  • Clean room for opto-eletronics devices processing
  • Molecular beam epitaxy, nanoimprint lithography and atomic layer deposition