Dec 22, 2020, 9:29 PM
Aug 14, 2020, 9:52 AM

Board of stakeholders cooperate with flagship to enhance industry collaboration

In addition to providing insight in industry needs generally, the stakeholders represent the views of different types of companies in photonics research and development, education and outreach activities. The PREIN board of stakeholders consist of representatives from small to medium-sized national enterprises producing photonics components to large foreign companies placed in Finland applying photonics technologies in their products. There are also representatives from funding organisations and the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Employment.

PREIN organised a stakeholder meeting on December 13th in VTT premises, Espoo. In the event a general overview of PREIN and its activities were presented by professors Jyrki Saarinen and Goery Genty.

The technology visionary Risto Linturi was invited to give his insights on the future of photonics technologies especially in the Finnish context.  He emphasized the impact of photonics by referring to photonics playing part in 39 % of total technology impact across all sectors. According to Linturi there will a proliferation of photonics application for consumer products such as IR-spectrometers in mobile phones and portable devices for self-monitoring of health. He also emphasized the importance of solar power and photovoltaics in the renewable energy production.


 Futurist Risto Linturi concluded that the future is not bleak as photonics can enlighten it.

The PREIN Board of Stakeholders:
Oplatek Group – small to medium sized Finnish companies producing photonics components
Huawei – large international companies located in Finland utilizing photonics
Vaisala – large Finnish companies utilizing photonics
Sovelto  - companies utilising photonics applications
Dispelix – Start-ups
Ministry for Economic Affairs and Employment – following the impact of the flagship concept
Technology Industries of Finland - industry association representing Finnish industry from different fields
Business Finland – Funding bodies
Lifeline Ventures – Venture capitals

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