Aug 14, 2020, 9:52 AM

Millenium Youth Prize challenges young people to an innovation competition

Inspired by the international Millenium technology Prize, Aalto University and Technology Academy Finland TAF have launched an innovation competition. This year the competition is arranged for the second time and it is targeted to people under 20-years.  

The challenges address the major issues humanity faces today form climate change, plastic pollution in oceans and coal-dependence. One of these challenges posed is closely related to photonics. How can we utilise light-based technologies to fight climate change? asks Professor Hele Savin from Aalto University in her challenge video.

The competition starts from the launch of challenge videos and continues with workshops and working on the written reports, prototypes, videos or other mixed media answering the challenge. The final and award of the prize takes place at the Millenium Technology Prize seminar in Aalto University in May 2020.

Visit the Millenium Youth Prize web page to watch all the challenge videos

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