Dec 22, 2020, 9:29 PM
Aug 14, 2020, 9:52 AM

Scientific Advisory Board applauds PREIN research results

The PREIN Scientific Advisory Board met the PREIN coordinators and Work Package leaders to discuss the research and impact the flagship has gained in the first year. The meeting was held in Helsinki in January 9-10 to  discuss the scientific, economic and societal impact the flagship and to give feedback on the flagship results and future development.

The external Scientific Advisory Board consist of leading researchers in the field of Photonics. The members represent different geographical regions and lead renowned photonics centers. 
SAB members details.JPG

In the meeting, the PREIN Work Package leaders reported on the key research results from 2019. The meeting included a site visit to Micronova, where the research high-lights from each work package were presented in more detail. In addition, the Scientific Advisory Board visited the Aalto University and VTT research laboratories to learn more about the infrastructure.

PREIN WP research highlight presentations

WP1: Structure and control of 3D vector fields
WP2: Nanowire photonics
WP3: Various developments towards single-photon emitters
WP4: LIDAR research
WP5:  From Research to Commercialization

Th Scientific Advisory Board was impressed with the research results of the flaghip and say the increased cooperation as a highly valuable.  Tere will a more detailed feedback report to the flagship and the development will be evaluated in the next Scientific Advisory Board meeting at the end of 2020.