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Come join the captivating world of light!

Photonics is a fascinating and rapidly evolving field of science that offers countless possibilities. However, as the photonics-related industry grows, we face a challenge – a shortage of skilled workforce. We aim to change this trend by inspiring young minds to explore the wonders of technology, especially in the realm of photonics.

Introducing: The Photonics Explorer Kit!

This unique educational package is designed to ignite interest in the mysteries of physics through hands-on learning. It provides teachers and students with tools to explore light in diverse and exciting ways.

Why should you get involved?

Donating a Photonics Explorer Kit (PEK) can open the door to a multitude of new opportunities for students across Finland. This is not just a donation to an educational package, but an investment in the future. By donating a PEK, you enable students to access an innovative learning environment that may inspire the future leaders of technology.

As a sponsor, you’ll have the opportunity to directly impact the recipient of your donation and gain visibility for your company or personal contribution. If desired, we can also assist in finding a suitable school in your local area. In collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland, we ensure that your donation reaches its intended destination according to your preferences.

The Photonics Explorer Kit is not just a teaching tool; it’s a shared adventure for teachers and students in the mysterious world of light. This high-quality and durable package includes over a hundred components, such as lenses, LED lights, lasers, and polarizers, enabling an engaging learning experience. And best of all, it’s completely free for schools, thanks to the support of donors!

Join the campaign for light and make an impact on the future. Together, we can illuminate paths for the next generation of technology leaders and inspire the next wave of innovators in the fascinating world of light!

Over 100 components for experiments

Experiments are possible with over 100 high-class and durable components, such as lenses, LED and laser modules, diffraction gratings and polarizers.

The components are used in experiments and tests that teach students the physical phenomena related to e.g. data transfer, optics and colours, diffraction and interference. The large number of components allows all the students in the class to engage in experiments simultaneously.  

In addition, to make it easy to include the PEK in the curriculum, teachers utilizing PEK receive ready-made lessons and supporting materials as well as experimental instructions for the students in 16 different languages (English and Finnish included). Teaching physics has never been this simple and engaging! 

Photonics Explorer Kit for students.

Photonics Explorer Kit Campaign

Photonics is a quickly growing field of science and technology that has an increasing demand for talented workforce to fill the requirements of both the industrial and academical sides of the field. To meet these needs in the future, young students are to be encouraged to study science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) subjects at an early stage. In the field of Photonics (light-related physics), this can be achieved with the Photonics Explorer Kit.

PREIN and Photonics Finland have launched a campaign in 2020 where companies, PREIN and Photonics Finland donate Photonics Explorer Kits to Finnish schools. There are now approximately 100 kits in Finland and the number is growing thanks to our campaign.

Photonics Explorer Kit.

Donate a Photonics Explorer Kit

The PEK has been very popular worldwide, and over 3500 kits have made it possible for hundreds of thousands of students to learn photonics in an early stage of education. One PEK costs 248 € (incl. 24% VAT) from EYESTvzw. 

To reach more and more schools in Finland, PREIN and Photonics Finland have begun a campaign in which photonics companies and persons related to the field are sought to sponsor kits to nearby schools or schools where they have studied previously. The sponsor gets their logo and leaflet in the sponsored kit, and for each sponsored kit, PREIN and Photonics Finland will both sponsor one more kit to their designated targets. This way one sponsored kit leads to three kits in total! 

Photonics Explorer KIT campaing donors  2020->

Thank you to all the donors!

See a map of all Photonics Explorer Kit locations in Finland