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Photonics Center Opening Week


New Photonics Center opened in November and the whole week was full of events – the program was filled with photonic related events, top presentations and case examples from industry and research as well as workshops and networking events.

Official opening

The Flagship for Photonics research and Innovation PREIN organized its own meetings and the workshop for Quantum Technologies in Joensuu during the opening week. PREIN was also closely involved in all the Photonics Center opening week activities.

The week started with the Grand Opening of Joensuu Photonics Center for guests and media on Monday November 7. The program consisted of high-level speakers and presentations followed by presentations in the Application of Photonics as well as conference program for industry professionals. The event gathered representatives e.g. from the Academy of Finland, University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University, VTT, Aalto University and other PREIN Flagship stakeholders. The participants numbered about 50 people.

PREIN Flagships’s impact on the research, industry and company was highly noted and that Photonics Center is one of the key ways to increase photonics importance in the society.

Photonics showroom was presented and it proved to be well efficient.

The second day

On Tuesday the program involved extensive seminar on Metrology for XR & Freeform Optics. The purpose of this full-day, free seminar was to present the know-how and possibilities in metrology for XR and freeform optics in Finland. In addition, manufacturing and especially the needs for XR and freeform optics metrology are presented. Registered participants at place and online was altogether 90 persons.

Forest & Photonics 2022

Two full days were dedicated to the annual Forest & Photonics event that brings together forest and technology experts to network, collaborate and share their experiences, challenges and solutions. The event was organized in collaboration with Business Joensuu, Photonics Finland and the three flagships: PREIN, FinnCERES and UNITE. The event got approx. 80 participants, including students.

PREIN Workshop on Quantum Technologies

In the end of the week there was PREIN Workshop on Quantum Technologies, which was organized to include top-notch speakers from VTT Mikes (Speaker Virpi Korpelainen, Senior Scientist), Aalto university (Speaker Erkki Ikonen, Professor), UEF (Speakers Pertti Pääkkönen, Senior Laboratory Manager and Petri Karvinen, Research Director), Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Speaker Juha Väyrynen, Senior project manager precision engineering), Senop & Millog (Speaker Kasper Honkanen, Production Engineer), Dispelix Oy (Speaker Léo Turquet, QC/Metrology manager), Nanocomp Oy (Speaker Samuli Siitonen, CTO), Trioptics (Speaker Patrik Langehanenberg, Division Manager MPO, Metrology solution for centration measurement and surface shape validation of double-sided asphere, Abstract), Panasonic (Speaker Reinhard Windermuth, Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe), Ikron Oy (Speaker Karim Honda, Business Coordinator), OptoFidelity (Speaker Thomas Kerst, Product Manager, PhD), and Varjo Technologies (Speaker Andrei Razumov).

There were around 30 participants in the workshop.

Open doors ended the week

The event was crowned by Open Doors event on Friday. Over 50 guests wanted to see the new Photonics Center and showroom. Additionally, well over 20 photonics students participated in students event.

Summa summarum, during the week over 300 guests (researchers, company members, decision makers and students) visited the new Photonics Center.