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The PREIN day at the Optics and Photonics Days featured some of the top-notch research themes in the flagship and the new doctoral pilot in photonics, I-DEEP.

There were close to 350 registered participants in the event showing that the flagship activities interest both academics and the photonics industry.

The PREIN event included the launch of the renewed Photonics Research Roadmap for 2024-2027. The identified key themes are Sensing, Imaging, Light generation and manipulation and Solar Energy. In addition Quantum Technologies can be seen as crossing all these themes.  You can find the Research Roadmap on the web site

The PREIN event also featured the internal PREIN projects that were launched to increase collaboration in some of the key research areas shared in all the PREIN partners. These project arise from photovoltaics, sensing and quantum.

Two of the Research Council of Finland funded Proof of Concept projects were also featured. The themes represent research that has already direct applicability and high-potential for commercialization. One of the themes link lasers in industrial quantum technologies and the other  provides solutions in black plastic recycling through hyperspectral sensing.

The session dedicated to the I-DEEP doctoral pilot gave an overview of the Doctoral pilot and the different ways of collaboration the pilot offers to companies. The panel discussion complemented the event with the main stakeholders’ views on the pilot, from PhD researchers to industry, universities and Technology Industries Finland. These views provide crucial feedback in developing the pilot activities.

The Optics and Photonics Days also provided great opportunities to networking and discussions with long term contacts and also new possible collaborators. We hope companies engage both in the research activities in in the I-DEEP doctoral pilot as well as our outreach activities campaign, the Photonics Explore Kit donations in Finland, promoted at the OPDs.

The scientific presentations of the PREIN Annual Meeting (pdf) and The presentation material related to the Doctoral pilot I-DEEP (pdf)

Thank you for all the participants!