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Professor Goëry Genty awarded EPS Prize for Research into the Science of Light

The European Physical Society has awarded professors Goëry Genty from Tampere University and John Dudley from University of Franche Comté for their pioneering contributions to research of ultrafast nonlinear fibre optics.

The European Physical Society (EPS) Prize for Research into the Science of Light is a major prize awarded on behalf of the EPS Quantum Electronics & Optics Division in recognition of research excellence in electromagnetic science in its broadest sense, across the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves.

The 2024 Prize has been awarded to Prof. Goëry Genty, leader of the Ultrafast Photonics Group at Tampere University and Director of the Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation, together with his close collaborator for more than 15 years, Prof. John Dudley who is Professor at University of Franche Comté.

Professors Genty and Dudley have together made many outstanding contributions to the field of nonlinear optics, including pioneering studies of supercontinuum generation, optical instabilities and extreme events, the complete characterization of ultrafast soliton turbulence in fibre lasers, the development of novel rea-time temporal and spectral imaging techniques, as well as the applications of machine learning to nonlinear optics.

These results have impacted both basic research and the development of new light sources in industry. The Prize was awarded at the EPS Nanometa Conference on 6 January 2024. 

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