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Advanced Photonic Components (WP3)

This work package is an expansion of the 2019-2021 research on “Advanced laser sources”. In addition to lasers, optical amplifiers and other light sources, it includes research in novel modulators and photodetectors. This work is partly based on results obtained from Light field control and Materials and structures work packages, and it provides technologies for Applied research and Quantum technologies work packages. For example, supercontinuum and tunable laser technologies can be used in sensing and lidar applications, while single-photon emitters and cryogenic components are needed in quantum applications. This work package also addresses heterogeneous and hybrid integration to enable optimized material combinations for active photonic components.

Advanced Photonics Components contact persons in partners:
Caterina Soldano/Aalto
Mircea Guina/TAU 
Timo Aalto/VTT
Tommi Hakala/UEF