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Robert Fickler

Personal interview of Robert Fickler, experimental quantum physicis

The year 2022 the Nobel prize in Physics was granted Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger on their work in pioneering quantum information science. Tampere University’s Associate Professor Robert Fickler’s PhD work was supervised by Anton Zeilinger, one of the winners. Who is Robert Fickler and why he got interested in research and quantum physics? What kind of students start researching?

Humeyra Caglyan

Humeyra Caglyan,  Professor in Tampere University Photonics Department

Humeyra Caglyan is developing meta optics, and metamaterial-based optics for imaging applications.

“We have been developing metamaterials, so-called engineered materials, and modifying the surface with nanofabrication to obtain the meta optics. Otherwise, it’s just material and cannot act as the required lens. Over the years, nanofabrication has developed quite nicely, so we can now fabricate high-quality structures as meta lenses, giving us high-quality images. “