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Master’s Degree Programmes in Photonics at PREIN Partner Universities

Finland is known for its high-tech industries, and it has become a European light house in photonics research and industry. Finland is also renowned for its quality of education and there are several universities which offer research-based degree education in photonics and related disciplines. The universities also closely collaborate with industry in their research and education. 

Finland has been assessed to be among the best countries in the world with respect to many quality-of-life indicators. Finland offers a thriving environment to develop one’s scientific and professional career. For more information on Finland check InfoFinland and This is Finland.There is increasing demand in high-tech industry for photonics experts in many countries. In Finland photonics is one of the fastest growing industries and companies are actively recruiting. Possible job titles include product manager, research and development expert, business developer, technician. 

All of the PREIN partner universities offer education on Master’s and Doctoral levels related to photonics. It is also possible to study a bachelor’s degree in English at Tampere University and Aalto University and then continue to photonics MSc. The programmes offer complimentary expertise in different photonics specializations and constitute the majority of the national offering of university training in light-based technologies. 

Photonics is a part of physics, but the field is multi-disciplinary and students may specialise or find related application fields in materials science, chemistry and electrical engineering. The abundant application fields also connect photonics to several other disciplines such as ICT, medicine and health sciences, nanotechnology, energy technology, automation and robotics.

Our photonics educational programmes collaborate with industry and students can learn about work opportunities during their studies. Through summer jobs, internships and master’s thesis positions it is possible to become integrated in the photonics industry early on. The universities collaborate with Photonics Finland which is the organisation for photonics companies in Finland.

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